Around The Table

with kelly and the kids

As a child, we lived around the kitchen table. It was where we processed the day, worked through challenging issues, and dreamed about the future. Around that table, I learned to speak clearly, mind my manners, and respect authority. Around that table, we learned about Jesus, serving others, and giving. We laughed and cried, celebrated, and mourned. That table on Coffee Road is long gone, but it still holds many memories and life lessons I carry daily.

Having parents who prioritized being around the table was a huge blessing. At Collins Home Family Ministries, we continue the legacy of love that started around the table in Joe and Anne Rackley’s home. Each of our homes has a custom-built ten-foot round table, and every night, our families can be found there sharing a meal and so much more. While life around the table is not perfect, it is where we are perfected and made more like Jesus every day.

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When you join us at the table you provide an opportunity for children and families who have experienced trauma to be healed from the inside out. While we know the cost of doing something is great, the cost of doing nothing is much greater.
Pray: Pray: At Collins Home, we believe prayer changes everything. Join our prayer community and we will send you a monthly email to keep you informed about specific prayer requests and ongoing needs.
Engage: When you volunteer at Collins Home Family Ministries, you represent the love of Jesus to children and families who are experiencing a moment of crisis.


  • Your monthly gift of $50 will cover a week of meals every month for one child 
  • Your one time of gift of $250 will provide seasonal clothing for one child
  • Your yearly gift of $1000 will provide a year of clothing for one child
  • Your yearly gift of $2600 will cover an entire year of meals for one child
  • Your yearly gift of $3000 will allow us to plan for future programs and services Your estate gift or gift of stock will leave a legacy around the table for years to come